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Pregnancy Treatments

Acupuncture offers safe, drug-free relief from a range of pregnancy related ailments such as morning sickness, pelvic pain, sciatica, back ache and headaches. From 36 weeks treatment can support cervical ripening and increases the chances going into spontaneous labour. I have completed post graduate training in pregnancy acupuncture and know how to use it to its best effect, on its own and in combination with conventional medical treatment.

If you need a medical induction an acupuncture treatment a few days before it is scheduled, followed by self administered acupressure, may promote cervical dilation and establish contractions.

Moxibustion for Breech Presentation
I also offer moxibustion if your baby is in breech position. The optimum time for this is 34 weeks and treatment continues to be safe with the possibility of sucess at 38 and even 39 weeks. Treatment involves stimulating acupuncture points on the mothers little toes with the gentle warmth of moxa – a lighted charcoal stick containing the herb mugwort. Amazingly this encourages the baby to turn to the correct position. After the first treatment I will provide you with some moxa and clear instructions so you can continue treatment at home. Your partner or support person is welcome to come to the session.

"I was over 8 months pregnant but my baby was in a breech position and I had been told by my obstetrician that the baby was unlikely to turn at this late stage. I saw Sally in the morning for my moxa treatment . . . that afternoon when I saw the obstetrician my baby had turned to face the right direction"

Pre-Birth Acupuncture
Pre-Birth Acupuncture is a series of weekly treatments from 36 weeks which supports cervical ripening and increase the chances going into spontaneous labour.

During these sessions there is the option to learn acupressure points and techniques you and your partner can use to promote a natural and efficient labour and relieve pain during the birth read more >

You can read research summeries using acupuncture during pregnancy here >