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Pain Relief & Healing with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can support healing and relieve pain from injuries, after surgery, nerve pain and many conditions including migraine and back ache, sciatica, neck pain and frozen shoulder. Here are some words from people who have tried it:

"After having four sessions of acupuncture over a six week period I noticed a significant difference in my pain levels and went from being reliant on painkillers to get through the day to hardly having to take any – which made a huge difference to both my physical wellbeing but my emotional one too"

". . . I had lumbar decompression surgery for Spinal Stenosis. I was recommended acupuncture to help symptoms of numbness in my leg as a result of the surgery. Sally has been amazing at helping me recover and, being a newcomer to the treatment, have really enjoyed my sessions. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful about my requirements and trying out different routes for treatments. Her approach feels very specialised to the individual needs of her clients. I have seen marked improvements in my symptoms, and have also learnt a lot more about my general health and how to look after myself better . . . "

“Sally suggested four treatments for a pain in the ribs and shoulder that was still nagging me months after a bad fall . . .  by the last treatment I had forgotten that I’d ever had a pain at all - – and I had found the energy to change my computer desk to prevent further neck problems.”

"I had my first ever course of Acupuncture with Sally this year. It cleared up my headaches, helped my lower back, and my general mood lifted during the weeks of the treatment . . ."