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Fertility Acupunucture

Today acupuncture has become the go to treatment for those wishing to optimise natural conception or support assisted conception and IVF.

Perhaps you know that you will soon be trying to conceive and wish to do all you can to prepare for a healthy pregnancy; or perhaps you hope to conceive straight away, either naturally or through IVF. Some women come to me following miscarriage, others to manage menstral conditions: if thier peroids have stopped, are painful, heavy or irregular. I also offer acupuncture as preparation for IVF or in between IVF cycles.

I have completed post graduate training in fertility acupuncture and know how to use it to its best effect; wherever you are in your journey I will do the best I can to support you.

Menstrual Cycle

Our menstrual cycles and periods are the only outward sign we have of our fertility and they reveal useful information which can be used in your acupuncture diagnosis. Treatment is aimed at alleviating any menstrual symptoms and giving you tools to get to know your body.

Support During IVF

IVF is a time when many couples want to spend time optimising their health. It is important to support your treatments with techniques that will help you manage stress and cultivate health. Treatment is aimed to work alongside fertility medication, reducing its side effects and optimising your chances. As well as IVF I support ICSI, IUI, egg donation and all ART treatments.

Different People Different Treatment

My aim is always to cultivate health and create a fertile environment for a baby to be conceived and for you to thrive physically and emotionally. Your treatment plan will be something we work out together to reflect your individual needs and your unique set of circumstances.